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Horse Boarding – Full Care Service

At Country Ridge Stables, we strive to provide you and your horse with the highest level of care and service. Our grooms are very knowledgeable and professional. The trainers, along with our stable manager and all the grooms, work together to insure that the individual needs of each horse and rider are attended to. 

The full care of your horse includes daily turn-out in one of our seven grass turn out fields or six all weather paddocks (weather permitting) The stalls are checked and cleaning twice per day. Our hay supplier, who we have worked with for over ten years, brings us quality timothy grass hay.  We feed nutrient rich grain that is fed three times daily to maintain a healthy diet throughout the show year and can be customized for the health of each horse. Groom service and post ride care is included along with blanketing, mane care, basic clipping and personal tack lockers.

CRS/FHF work with highly respected farriers and veterinarians as well as specialty service persons such as chiropractors and acupuncturists to support the health of our horses.  

Additional Services
Horse Gym USA® Treadmill

The treadmill is the perfect tool to help improve your horse’s endurance and increase muscle mass  – without the weight of the rider. Treadmill sessions are beneficial for horses of all ages and training levels.  It is the perfect way to maintain your horse’s top line, gain muscle fitness in the back legs and hindquarters, and improve overall balance and coordination.  It is a low stress, high intensity workout all done at the walk.  Horses on the treadmill can benefit by becoming more flexible, stronger, and less prone to injury.  It can also be used to rebuild strength and provide exercise for a horse coming back from an injury. The treadmill has customizable time, speed and inclines that can be altered to fit your horse’s specific needs.  Packages are available to work together with each horse’s individual training program.

Magna Wave PEMF


Magna Wave PEMF treatments offered through Forest Hill Healing can help locate weaknesses and soreness in areas that may need additional attention.  It works by reducing inflammation and brings oxygen and blood flow to the treated area.  Magna Wave sessions before and after competition can help increase muscle recovery.  It can be used to treat tendon tears, abscesses, as well as back and neck soreness.