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Country Ridge Stables is a full service Hunter/Jumper training and showing facility. We attend “A” and “AA” rated horse shows nationally and throughout the Midwest. Working together with highly respected trainers, we can help you build the confidence needed to excel.
Ashley Hill, Head Trainer – Forest Hill Farm

I started riding horses at the age of three, and I quickly fell in love with the sport. I began competing in horse shows at the age of five, and I qualified for the national finals at Harrisburg and Washington when I was seven. At age 11, I became one of the youngest qualifiers at the Maclay Finals, which was held at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.
In 1990, I turned professional and started working for top hunter/jumper trainers throughout the Midwest. In 1994, I founded Forest Hill Farm, where I rode, trained, and managed clients who competed in top-level horse shows around the country.
I am passionate about sharing my love of horses with others, and I am committed to providing my clients with the best possible training and experience. I am proud of the success that my students have achieved, and I am excited to continue helping them reach their goals.
My teaching and riding philosophy is based on my knowledge and experience in the equestrian industry. I believe that good riding starts with flatwork, and that jumping is simply obstacles in the way of your flatwork. Flatwork is essential and the base for riding. I also believe that you should never push a horse beyond its limits.
I understand that people learn in different ways, including verbally, visually, and kinesthetically. My job as a trainer is to recognize how each student learns best and then effectively communicate the task at hand. In all instances, the most important element in learning is a safe and positive approach.
If a student can give me the commitment, dedication, trust, and time that is needed to improve, I am confident in my abilities as a rider and trainer to achieve the student’s goals and as a result, help them reach their full potential. I also believe that it is my responsibility as a trainer to educate students on all aspects of horse care, including health, nutrition, hoof care, and veterinary care.
Fernando Mendoza, Barn Manager – Country Ridge Stables



Fernando has been the barn manager for Country Ridge Stables since its inception in 2006.  He oversees every aspect of horse care including vet visits, turnout, exercise, supplies and management of other barn employees. Fernando works closely with our trainers to ensure each horse is given the individual care needed.  He is also an irreplaceable asset to the barn, overseeing and communicating with facility management when repairs and supplies are needed to keep our facility and equipment running properly. He truly helps to make Country Ridge run smoothly, and we appreciate his hard work everyday!

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Fernando has more than 30 years of experience as a barn manager/head show groom for the top hunter/jumper stables in Illinois. In addition to his expert knowledge of horses, Fernando has great attention to detail, a high level of organization, and a winning attitude. Fernando lives on the property with his family.  He is a comfort to all the Country Ridge family, having someone with his great knowledge of horse care overseeing our horses during and after hours.  He may seem relaxed and easy going, but that is because he has everything under complete control. Fernando takes his job very seriously. He takes great pride in the care he gives each horse and in our facility as well. Whether he is checking on the horses at night or caring for horses at the shows, you won’t find anyone more thorough and professional than Fernando.